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Moxier Wallet will be discontinued. Please read the notice for details.

Manage your corporate email as well as contacts, calendars, tasks, attachments, folders, and more. Moxier Mail is the world's first email client for Android-powered Smartphones with Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync. Featuring Direct Push Synchronization using Microsoft® Exchange Server, Moxier Mail is easy-to-use, supports SSL for secure Internet transmissions, provides local and online search options, as well as Global Address List (GAL) support.

Server Requirements:

  • Exchange Server 2003 SP2/SP3 or Exchange Server 2007
  • RSA SecurID Protected Servers are not Supported

Moxier Mail for Android

Major Features:

  • Direct Push Synchronization with Microsoft® Exchange Server 2003 & 2007 for Optimized Email Delivery
  • Email, Calendars, Contacts and Tasks Supported for Added Functionality
  • Dynamic Graphical User Interface with Easy Setup for Enhanced Usability
  • View HTML Formatted Emails with Microsoft® Exchange Server
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Support for Safe Internet Data Transmissions
  • S/MIME (Encrypted message, Signed message)
  • Client Cert
  • IT Policy (Policy applied only to Moxier Mail, not on device)
  • Changes Automatically Sync'd to Microsoft® Exchange Server for Immediate Updates
  • Remote Wipe, Attachments, Folders, Customizable Sync Options, and Global Address List (GAL) Supported
  • Automatic Out of Office Replies and Online Search Supported
  • Easily Add Meetings, Create Appointments, Accept and Decline Invitations, Prioritize, & Setup Recurring Events
  • Available in 57 Languages!

Moxier Mail (Exchange) - Trial

  • Moxier Mail for Smartphone, comes with two weeks trial period.
  • Requires a paid version after two weeks trial period.
  • Three methods to change to a paid version
    • Purchasing Moxier Mail (Exchange) - Key from Android Market.
    • Purchasing license key via PayPal.
    • Purchasing Volume license key on moxier website
  • Android™ 2.0 (eclair) or later
  • Download
  • Link QR Code
    Available at Android Market

Moxier Mail for Tablet - Trial

  • Moxier Mail for Tablet, also comes with two weeks trial period.
  • Perfectly restructured to fit Honeycomb's UI.
  • Requires a paid version after the trial period. Please refer to the methods to change to a paid version for Smartphone.
  • Android™ Honeycomb
  • Download
  • Link QR Code
    Available at Android Market

Moxier Mail (Exchange)

  • It's a paid version and provides separate icons on Main Menu to access Moxier Sync, Moxier Mail, Moxier Calendar, Moxier Contacts, and Moxier Tasks directly.
  • Does not provide the Dashboard.
  • Provide exactly same features as Moxier Mail (Exchange) - Trial version except the Dashboard.
  • All Android™ Smartphone OS
  • Download
  • Link QR Code
    Available at Android Market

Moxier Mail (Exchange) - Key

  • Moxier Mail - Key converts Moxier Mail - Trial to a paid version. Both Moxier Mail - Trial and Moxier Mail - Key are required to be installed on a device to work correctly.
  • Moxier Mail - Key does not provide a separate icon on Main Menu. To check if it is successfully installed, please check Installed Application list or go to Moxier Mail Dash Board ' Menu and if there is no Purchase Key menu, it is installed successfully.
  • Moxier Mail - Key is used for both Moxier Mail for Smartphone and Moxier Mail for Tablet.
  • Download
  • Link QR Code
    Available at Android Market

Volume License:

For your corporate Exchange needs, Moxier Mail has just made Volume Licensing available in very few, simple steps.

User's Guide:

Please click HERE to download your copy of the Moxier Mail for Android User's Guide. You will find detailed information about installing, getting started, and using Moxier Mail.

Moxier Mail for Android Component icons

Last updated: July 30th, 2013